Sharepoint Wiki

Over the course of this semester, IST 676 (Digital Libraries) collaboratively built a wiki on the subject of digital libraries– what they are, examples thereof, preservation, benefits and problems, the users, et cetera. Now, at the end of the semester, we have a pretty massive repository of information about digital libraries.

This was an interesting project as I had never really contributed to a wiki before beyond grammatical edits. It became apparent midway through that it would have been a good idea to have established standards at the beginning regarding fonts, sizes, colors, and how content would be added. There were also a number of posts that tried to follow a more “discussion” type of format, which the wiki did not really facilitate. It seems to work better as a collaborative essay or link listing. Perhaps I’m just used to seeing cohesive wikis whose articles are actually articles. The later addition of the “team discussion” forum was a good move in that light.

It was a little strange working with people who I never physically saw and for the most part never directly interacted with. This was the most extreme end of the different levels of group interaction I had in each of my classes. In 605, we regularly did group work all semester long and really got to know each other. In 511, our groups only came together for a mini-presentation shortly before we needed to get our real project done. My group worked out fine, but we definitely didn’t have the same level of rapport as did the 605 groups.

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