25 Resources

25 Resources (pdf)

For IST 677, Creating, Managing, & Preserving Digital Assets, our final assignment was to create an annotated bibliography of useful resources pertaining to digitization, which we would then share with our classmates.

In some ways, this assignment was a little overwhelming– there’s just so much out there, and there’s only so many 40+ page articles (never mind books) you can read in one sitting, so of course this isn’t a comprehensive list. At the same time, though, it was a bit of a struggle to get the last few into the list…many sites I looked at were redundant with what I had already included, or were too basic, or were oriented heavily to another country’s standards, etc.

Still, this was a good exercise to ensure we find and pay attention to resources that can help our professional development and stay up to date in the field in the years to come, particularly in the cases of the blogs, websites (though these may disappear), and journals. I included some of the usual suspects, like D-Lib Magazine, but I also tried to find some representative materials for copyright, a pertinent issue for reproduction and online posting of items as well as a personal interest of mine, and usability, since DLs are publicly accessible through a website that needs to be user-friendly if it’s to be any good to anyone besides other librarians.

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