Internship, pt. 1

This past Monday I started my internship with the Northern Onondaga Public Library system. I’m primarily at the main Cicero branch, but director Kate McCaffrey has been helpful enough to plan visits for me to North Syracuse and Brewerton to get acquainted with all the libraries and their people. My primary personal goal for this internship is simply to experience working at a library. My past internships were more archival in nature, and while I do enjoy that kind of work, I need to know what else is available career-wise…so why not start with the iconic “public librarian” role?

While I am working at the library, however, I will actually be working: my main project is to develop content for NOPL’s own version of the 23 Things.

New things experienced this week:

  • Sitting at the reference desk (though sadly no one asked anything while I was there)
  • Children’s story hour at Cicero and North Syracuse for kids 2-5 (divided into two age groups). The librarians read gardening-related picture books and afterward the kids got to plant their own seeds in a cup to take home.
  • Sat in on a library manager meeting where the business-end of library management was discussed, e.g. new employee time sheets and looking at fabric samples for the new comfy chairs to be ordered (definitely not the focus of library classes!)
  • Observed and helped catalog new books and DVDs, and processed them (adding relevant stamps and stickers)
  • Shelved books
  • Sat in on a committee meeting for the upcoming Staff Development Day, during which my 23 Things will be formally announced

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