Internship, part 2

In the intervening weeks, I have…

  • attended a Staff Development Day, which was a lot more fun than it sounds. The bulk of the day was devoted to a Technology Petting Zoo,  which consisted of 5 or 6 “stations” small groups rotated between to see examples of and play with various gadgets or programs. I helped man the Skype/wireless printing table.
    • I also got to officially announce the 23 Things, which was bolstered by all the other tech-oriented activities and demonstrations of the day. More on this later.
  • attended a Public Relations Roundtable, in which PR folk from various libraries in the system (those who can have their own PR person) discussed potential outreach ideas.
    • This concluded with a tour of the library the meeting was held in, the recently remodeled and expanded Onondaga Free Library. It was gorgeous! There were separate areas for kids, teens, and seniors, and everywhere there outlets and tables for laptops. Large print items and CD sets of old radio programs were in the senior area. The children’s area and community room were the most incredible though: it was designed around a woodland theme, complete with carpet to resemble a brown pebbled path winding through grass.
  • attended a ChiliFresh demo– this company offers a sort-of plugin for Polaris that adds ratings and reviews options to the patron the way Amazon does. It definitely seems like a feature whose time has come.
  • sat in on another manager’s meeting…fabric samples were again a big topic that needs to get decided. I’ve learned that fabric duration can be measured in “rubs,” as in “this fabric is good for 250,000 rubs.”
    • I’ve also learned that New York state obscenity laws are very specific, so that technically there is a wide variety of nasty things people can view on library computers and not be breaking any law. A delicate situation when correcting this behavior.
  • helped out at a library outreach event in the form of a live t-shirt screenprinting booth at Canal Days in Brewerton. For those who had library cards, shirts were only $2; $5 if they didn’t, but we also had application forms and a branch right across the street. The t-shirts were of a sad bunny who needed “more library” and included the NOPL name and logo across the bottom. Sadly, the small event had not been organized nor publicized well at all, so there weren’t many people in attendance overall.
    • Ace the library dog was present as well. He is a very well-behaved mutt who comes in to each of the 3 branches once a month to be “checked out” for 20 minute intervals, during which he can be read to, taught tricks, or just loved on.
  • Sat at the reference desk and finally fielded questions! I answered a question to whether anything could be saved to the library’s computers, how to change the line spacing in Office 2007, and whether we had books by a certain author. A few more people wandered over with book availability questions, but I had to direct them over to the other computer where the library’s manager was stationed, since I don’t have a log-in for Polaris, and it doesn’t seem very useful to get me one for my last couple of weeks (most of which is not spent doing reference).

2 thoughts on “Internship, part 2

  1. Kate says:

    Hello Elaine,

    I’ve read the postings about your internship and am trying to figure out whether or not it all added up to a worthwhile experience for you. I hope it did – sort of a hodgepodge, wasn’t it? .

    We miss you!

    • Hodgepodge, yes, but I think it was definitely worthwhile! I got to experience a lot of roles I hadn’t before as well as see what goes on that’s not addressed in library school. 🙂

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