Really? You’re still telling us this? (via Closed Stacks)

Sigh. I remember in IST 511 some of the younger visiting librarians (we had representatives of various types of libraries come to class to give us an insider perspective on career paths) warning us that they were told this same thing and it proved untrue.

Actually, I think one of the older visitors mentioned it as well…

Really?  You're still telling us this? I am officially pissed off. I was reading the Annoyed Librarian, and she linked to a new article in American Libraries which includes this line: “As the library profession “grays,” many academic libraries anticipate staff shortages as older employees retire within the next 10 years.” ALA is still promoting the idea that we are approaching a librarian shortage and cannot possibly train enough people to continue on the grand tradition of librarians … Read More

via Closed Stacks