This week…

Productive this week. Notable things done:

  • Officially hit 1,000 entries for ProQuest dissertations added to SURFACE. Whew! Just 24 more to do, and then I can move on to another project.
  • Went to an instructional class about library resources and Blackboard. The most interesting part was learning the exact URL for the SU proxy server; the rest was all stuff that I felt was fairly obvious, at least to someone (cough, me) who spends a lot of time of forums and blogs. (e.g. I was curious about what needed to be done to make a link open in a new window, but it turned out that this was as obvious and simple as checking a box that was labeled as such when creating a link. Nothing new there.) But still, gave me a chance to use the latest version of Blackboard, which I had to use irregularly at UT and not at all at SU, since the iSchool has its own version (but apparently is dropping it after this semester after all).

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