Course content visualization

This is the visualization I came up with to represent the content we had covered to that point in my information design class. I’m happy with my overall concept of it, but unfortunately the actual presentation of it didn’t quite match up with what I pictured in my mind, and then the more I worked on it the more the color scheme–what seemed so modern and spring-like– seemed hideous and awkward. Plus it wasn’t really for an actual grade, so I got to a certain point where I was fairly satisfied (enough to not be humiliated when it was time to show it in front of the class) and then called it quits.

(Software used: Photoshop CS5 and Visio 2010)

In an earlier post I mentioned doing a field study on the self-checkout kiosk as a system. Here is the final product in .jpg form:

(Software used: InDesign, Photoshop)

This was the first time I’d used InDesign since the poster project for IST 511 back in Fall 2009, and the first ever using the CS5 version. It was an experience, to be sure.  The visual itself could use more demonstrative graphics rather than random illustrations.

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