Work in Progress

Have been busy drafting a policy recommendation paper for IST 618 with a couple of fellow library students. We started out looking at the USA PATRIOT Act and public libraries, and then #hcod happened, so we’ve switched over to analyzing the effect of DRM mechanisms on library services and information accessibility. We have lots of data points and ideas but not yet a conclusive suggestion about how to treat DRM-laden media.

After all, it’d be ridiculous to swear it off totally (goodbye DVDs), but then, as an oftentimes artificial barrier to access, should libraries be taking part instead of adhering to principle? Or do desires and needs of patrons totally supersede loftier visions of librarianship? What if sticking to those principles now could mean better deals (and better patron satisfaction) later on? Is the most offensive thing about the HarperCollins deal that they magically zap the library’s ebooks or that they do it after a mere 26 check-outs?

This is such a fun, fun, fun topic!

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