My first (mis-)attribution

Info & Knowledge Professional's Career Handbook So, this is hardly news or new, but I hadn’t thought to mention it before; may as well do it now. 🙂

I was working as a faculty assistant for Jill Hurst-Wahl during part of the time she and Ulla were working on this book, The Information and Knowledge Professional’s Career Handbook. One of my projects was to contact various people, get them to agree to contribute, and “interview” them– mostly this just meant emailing Word docs back and forth, but I did do an actual interview over Skype as well. Their responses form one of the later chapters, showcasing the variety of information career paths out there.

Sadly, it wasn’t until I was given my copy that I saw I had been credited as Elaine P. Patton rather than Elaine M. Patton. Doh. The hazards of middle initials, I suppose. Nonetheless, it was still fun to see my name printed in a book, and I even appear in the index!

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