Padlet – Some final thoughts

Well, maybe not final. I’m not shelving it. But I think I’ve got a grasp on its strengths and weakness while used for library instruction.

Padlet conclude


  • Could be really great for students to collectively collaborate, either during a BI session or over a longer period of time
  • Don’t use for everyone to brainstorm everything at once…it just gets confusing and unfocused (maybe if it’s a small class or a narrow topic)
  • Boards can be exported as a pdf or image to send, or students can revisit the url of the board to refer back to what’s been published.


Next use to try:

The next time I include Padlet in a BI session, I think I’m going to do so in the context of challenging the students to find good sources, either individually or as a team, to share on Padlet. Documents can actually be dropped onto the wall, or a link with appropriate descriptive text would suffice. This could be done individually or with the students broken into teams. Most of the classes we get assign research projects based around a central idea, but leave the specific topics up to the students to select, so I’d probably have to develop a relevant sample topic for everyone to research. [Other info to include: databases searched, search terms used, number of total results in that search…] I think this would make better use of the live/real-time possibilities than simple keyword/topic brainstorming, though that could also be featured (including that might make this a better resource that students might want to revisit once they’ve left library).


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