Banned Books Week

So, one of the terribly challenging aspects of working in a digital/bookless library is: what kind of displays can you do? We do have student-created book art from semester to semester, but sometimes there’s a semester that doesn’t happen. Or you want to do something different and not have the same things up for 4 months straight.

Or Banned Books Week comes along so a’Pinteresting we will go and oops, awkward:


…too late? Sort of?

Or, hey, nerdy delight– Doctor Who quotes!


Ohhhh, well… again, sort of, no.

Though at least the information recorded within books is something that is not, actually, format-specific, so +1 for the ebook virtual stacks and databases. You just can’t…look around and see them. Not to mention the common appellation of “bookless library” which I suppose we should fight against (digital library, please): after all, it’s not like ebooks are magically not books.

…Which also means that we have have to request books from the other libraries for doing displays, which feels a little greedy sometimes. Still, we got a nice little display together (spearheaded by a fellow librarian; I’m just showing off on her behalf):

2014-09-19 16.22.59

The attention-getter/explanatory portion

Shelfie display

Also pictured, an old piece of aforementioned book art (the flame-decorated book on the side table)


The iPads came in just in time to go out as an improvised photobooth sort of thing. Our campus is doing a “Picture Yourself” selfie-themed marketing campaign this year, hence our s(h)elfie opportunity. It’s actually been fairly popular, and most of the pictures even actually have books in them! If they fill out a release form (or work for the school!) we upload the pics to a Photobucket album right here. A lot more selfies than release forms, though, so hopefully people have been at least emailing their pics to themselves…

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