This is a Digital

I support the information literacy skills of community college students via a bookless library. There are many barriers to success: my mission is to eliminate what I can (and to make sure the library doesn't inadvertently create new ones).


Me So Far

I am lucky to get to work on a variety of projects, from teaching to doing outreach on campus to continually tweaking the style sheet for our LibGuides or crunching the numbers of our library data. I firmly believe there’s always room for improvement — especially when “good enough” gets stale. I’m the kind of person who periodically goes into ‘settings’ just to see what’s there and if I missed anything neat.

A great day at work looks like…
I’ve led a class or two, and/or a workshop, and/or an event that was well-attended, students engaged, and I tried something new that succeeded. Runner’s high? Never met it, but the exhilaration of a great student session…

I get geeky over:

  • graphic design
  • copyright
  • assessment
  • fidgeting with CSS

Recognition, Peer Nominated:

  • Staff Excellence Award / NISOD Excellence Award
  • Leo Awards, Students Matter
  • Leo Awards, Firefighter [problem-solver]